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Electro Mechanical Cleaning

What is it?

Electro Mechanical Cleaning is perfect for pipe cleaning it cuts away build up of scale and residue build-up in pipes by using flexible steel rods with sprung steel cutters, providing a simple but effective solution to pipe cleaning. Perfect for when high pressure water jetting would be impractical for pipe cleaning or could cause flooding.

Where can it be used?

Mainly used in drainage problems within small bore pipe work or places where the use of water is restricted.

EMC Applications

  • Unblocking Sinks and showers
  • Urinal pipework
  • Soil and vent pipes
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Lime Scale Removal
  • Urinal Pipe Cleaning
  • Uric Scale Removal
  • Concrete Residue Removal

Our experts would recommend that you use our Electro Mechanical Cleaning service for use on smaller drains or pipes such as sinks, urinals and toilets. By using our strong sprung cutters on their steel flexible rods allows us to clean the majority of small pipes. This practical way to clean inside drains has proved extremely popular recently for domestic and commercial customers. Electro Mechanical Cleaning is generally used to help clear harder substances such as lime scale or concrete residue.

Electro Mechanical Cleaning works by adding an appropriate tool or cutter to the end of the flexible strong metal cable. The cable is then fed through the pipe, whilst a motor moves the various attachments blades at controlled speeds. As the tool is fed through the pipe, water is also fed into the pipe to help remove the broken up obstructions. The great thing about electro mechanical cleaning is that it can completely de-scale pipes and the full bore is restored to it's previous condition.